We aren’t really therapists, in the legal sense of the word, but once you try our cookies we know you’ll be hooked on our treatment of choice. We are friends, moms, & serial entrepreneurs who find baking to be incredibly therapeutic. Both of our first jobs were in bakeries, and between then and now, we both have created and run other successful businesses (Ashley Brown LLC & Upstate Crate Co., if you enjoy supporting other local, women owned businesses!). The combo of our love of baking + entrepreneurship very unexpectedly brought us to Cookie Therapy ALB. We love flexing our creative muscles, self-medicating our stress in the kitchen, and making people happy, one giant cookie at a time.

We're fortunate to have a fantastic team of professional bakers, cookie masters & pick up staff who assist us in all aspects of Cookie Therapy... see some of them in action below!

When we're not working, you can find us drinking champagne with our cookies (Sundae Fundae for Ashley, My Big Fat NY Cheesecake for Faye), & waiting impatiently for gala season to start.